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[MyFriendsHotMom] Diamond Foxxx (24497 / 08.19.2018)

[MyFriendsHotMom] Diamond Foxxx (24497 08.19.2018)

[MyFriendsHotMom] Diamond Foxxx (24497 08.19.2018)
Diamond Foxxx isn’t on a new dating app looking for someone to date; she’s looking for a project – a nice young one with a big dick and hearty stamina. And when she sees her son’s friend Rion on there, she thinks she’s found just what she’d been looking for. A call later and Rion’s over at Ms. Foxxx’s home as she gives him pointers on the abysmal profile on his profile, the one that calls him a self-made millionaire. Rion confesses and tells her he thought he needed some status on there to finally get laid for the first time, but the big tits MILF tells him he doesn’t need to lie to get fucked; he just needs her. Once she’s through with him, Rion’s profile changes to “feeling like a million dollars.”

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